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New Documents for the Early History of Puṇḍravardhana (North Bengal): copper-plate inscriptions from the late Gupta and early post-Gupta periods

Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2015, 18:15 Uhr bis 20:00 Uhr

From the large area covered on the modern political map by West Bengal and Bangladesh, less than two dozen copper-plate charters (all in Sanskrit) are known for the entire period preceding the ascent of the Pāla dynasty, and only a single fragmentary stone inscription (in Middle Indo-Aryan). Two new copper plates have recently come to light, both from the Puṇḍravardhana area, i.e. North Bengal, both in Sanskrit. The first is dated to year 159 of the Gupta era, i.e. 478 CE, and was hence issued during the reign of Budhagupta; the second is dated to the year 5 of a previously unknown king named Pradyumnabandhu, who must have ruled in the period between about 550 and 650 CE — a period for which Puṇḍravardhana had heretofore lacked any historical documentation. In this lecture, I will sketch the state of the art of Pre-Pāla epigraphy of Bengal, and then discuss the contents of the new inscriptions.

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