Zum 100. Todestag von Alfred Ilg - Alfred Ilg, an engineer - and a photographer

Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2016, 19:00 Uhr bis 20:30 Uhr

Alfred Ilg received his training as a mechanical engineer at the Zurich Polytechnikum and then spent 28 years in Ethiopia (1878–1906). Ilg’s knowledge of Amharic and of several foreign languages, together with his pragmatism and probity and the relentless energy he poured into his work, earned him the king’s trust, who made him his trusted advisor. After the victory of Adua in March 1896, Menelik nominated Ilg “State Counsellor with the rank of Excellency”. And, truly exceptional as he is not an Ethiopian subject, he received the coveted title of Bitwedded (‘Beloved’).
Ilg acquired towards the end of the 1890s a Delta 9x12 cm view camera and a small, sturdy and practical Verascope Richard stereoscopic camera. The thousand or so photographs today preserved by the ethnographical Museum of the University of Zurich bear witness to the different uses that Ilg put photography to: family mementos and souvenirs, recording of important events, portraits, and even document copying.
This conference will provide an in-depth overview of the photographic collection of Alfred Ilg preserved by the Museum and will illustrate the multifaceted ways in which the photographer/engineer made use of the medium.

MitVortrag auf Englisch mit Hugues Fontaine, Fotograf und Regisseur, Autor des Buches "Un train en Afrique: Djibouti–Éthiopie / African Train" (Centre français des études éthiopiennes/Shama Books 2012).
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