Complicit- Film Screening

Samstag, 20. Mai 2017, 18:30 Uhr

COMPLICIT was filmed over 3 years in Chinaʼs electronics zones Shenzhen and Guangzhou with lush cinematography, hidden camera and unique access. The film takes the audience on an 8000-mile journey to the worldʼs electronics factory floors, revealing the situations under which Chinaʼs youth population has shifted by the millions in search of a better life.

Complicit is a film directed by Heather White which will be screened at the Festival du Film et Forum International sur les Droits Humains in Geneva on 17 March 2017. The film will have its premiere at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival in London a couple of days prior.
On the 20 March we will host the filmscreening at the University of Zurich. At the end of the screening we will have the honour to have a discussion with the Director Heather White and with the co-producers Dwayne Menezes and Danielle Turkov.

Film trailer:

MitDirector of the Film Heather White and co-producers Dwayne Menezes and Danielle Turkov.
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