Against the Anthropocene: The Many Names of Resistance

Freitag, 31. März 2017, 18:30 Uhr bis 20:00 Uhr

Drawing on his forthcoming book, Against the Anthropocene: Visual Culture and Environment Today (Sternberg Press), T.J. Demos will examine creative models of cultural practice modeling alternatives to the human exceptionalism, anthropocentrism, and technoscientific rationality of the Anthropocene thesis. Rather than uncritically endorsing and recirculating the terminology, conceptualization, and practice of Anthropocene ideology, radical artistic and activist practitioners are exploring multi-species ontologies, experimental and multidisciplinary pedagogies, eco-sexual economies, and forms of institutional liberation, doing so under a variety of names. These, Demos argues, offer vital resources for how to imagine the reinvention of the world in ways just and sustainable and counter the seeming ineluctability of catastrophic climate change.

MitProf. Dr. T.J. Demos (UC Santa Cruz)
Ort ZHdK Campus Toni-Areal, Pfingstweidstrasse 96, 8005 Zürich
Raum: 3.K.13
VeranstalterZürcher Hochschule der Künste, Master Fine Arts
Kunsthistorisches Institut, Master Kunstgeschichte im globalen Kontext
Kunsthistorisches Institut Zürich
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